[fpc-other] I thought it was going to get better, but no

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Sat Apr 29 08:02:35 CEST 2023

Nikolay Nikolov via fpc-other said on Fri, 28 Apr 2023 21:39:04 +0300

>Maybe #fpc-alt will become a better unofficial IRC channel? So far,
>I've joined the #fpc-alt channel (without leaving #fpc), to support an 
>alternative channel as well, but I'm not very impressed, not only due
>to the lack of people (only 3 people, including me), but also due to
>the fact that there's not even a topic. 

Today at about 7PM New York time, prompted by a suggestion on
##fpc-alt, I added the following /topic to #fpc-alt:

Topic for #fpc-alt is: Ontopic list for Free Pascal. Offtopic channel
is ##fpc-alt. Rules: Treat your fellow channel inhabitants like you'd
like to be treated.

I also created a similar /topic for ##fpc-alt , which is the offtopic
FPC channel.

>I know growing a channel takes

Yes. Also, these are the first two IRC channels I've ever managed. I've
managed mailing lists, but never IRC channels. So I have a lot to learn.

My first choice would be for somebody like you or Tomas to be in charge
of #fpc. My second choice would be for somebody like you or Tomas to
take over #fpc-alt. The only reason I registered and run #fpc-alt is
because people who are genuinely using or thinking about using
FreePascal need a place they can listen, ask or help without fear of
banning. I have lots of ambitions, but believe me, being king of an IRC
channel isn't one of them. :-)


> maybe #fpc-alt will grow a large
>community as well, and will allow a more free and welcoming to
>newcomers environment.

I hope so, and I hope that later somebody more invested in FreePascal
will take over #fpc-alt.

>And of course, there's also #lazarus, where moderation was taken up by 
>giantm (a Lazarus developer).

Even though #lazarus has only about 20 people, they managed to give me
some help on sound issues.

>So, plenty of alternative places to talk, if you're not happy about

I wouldn't call it "plenty", because there are a few hundred on #fpc,
and it's my opinion that a lot of them would be more forthcoming with
help if they weren't worried about the possibility of being censured
for giving the help using the wrong phrases.


>Technically speaking, she didn't "hijack" the channel. She is the 
>channel owner, by virtue of being the first person to register it on 
>this IRC network. 

Speaking *only* of #fpc and not #pascal, my understanding of the events

1) Freenode's #fpc was an official FreePascal venue.

2) Freenode went bad.

3) Joanna registered #fpc on before anyone else.

4) Joanna banned 42 people and, in my informed opinion, made the rules
   all about her personal preferences.

Smarter people than I could argue whether this constitutes "hijacking",
but her taking channel name #fpc, a channel that used to be an official
project channel, has caused, is continuing to cause, and will continue
to cause in the future serious confusion.

So I say to everyone, whether you're banned on #fpc or not, join us on
#fpc-alt, and if you want, the offtopic ##fpc-alt. I'm not asking you
to stop using #fpc, I'm just saying get on both and see which you like
better. May the better channel win.


Steve Litt 
Autumn 2022 featured book: Thriving in Tough Times

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