[fpc-other] Revised rules for #fpc IRC channel on Libera

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Thu Apr 27 04:35:09 CEST 2023

I have amended the published #fpc channel rules as follows:

1. Purpose -> The #fpc channel is for people who use and/or develop software using fpc and/or Lazarus ide or Pascal related languages to create projects. It is a place to give and receive technical support and advice with regards to developing software using the pascal programming language. Channel members are also welcome to talk about their projects, share code and/or show off their repositories If they wish as a source of inspiration for others.

2.Pascal -> Channel members are required to have at least beginner level proficiency in pascal language so that they can understand what is happening and participate. People who don’t know pascal can type “/topic #pascal” to access the resources in topic.

3.Joining-> The #fpc channel requires users to be logged into account to enter, however I can add your IP address to the invite list so that you can join without an account if you prefer..

4.Introduction -> Please tell me who are and how you found channel when you join. It makes my life a lot easier. I don’t want to accidentally ban you because of some misunderstanding. If you wish to be discrete and use a nickname that nobody else knows you by that’s fine. You can tell me who you are privately

5.Language -> It is ok for two or more members to chat in non English languages of their choice as long as they are willing to translate if asked.

6. Culture -> Friendly and helpful. Rude/disruptive People will be shown the door.

7.Sincerity -> Channel members are expected to demonstrate sincerity and post questions that channel members were unable answer in forums or mailing lists if asked to.

8.Offtopic chat-> When no technical discussions are happening, sensible pleasant off topic chat is both allowed and enjoyed.

9. Lurking -> Pascal programmers can lurk all they like. Strangers with unknown intentions cannot.

10. Bots -> Bots are allowed only with permission from channel owners. This includes chatbots.

11.Stalking -> People who have harassed channel members in other places will be considered to be engaging in cyberstalking and removed from channel.

I cordially invite all pascal programmers who are willing to abide by these rules to join us.

Come chat on IRC .. https://libera.chat/guides/

IRC.LIBERA.CHAT Ports [6667 plaintext ] or [6697 secure] channels #fpc #pascal

If anyone has any questions or concerns about irc please feel free to ask me in #fpc-unregistered channel in irc. I can also be messaged in forums under the name Joanna.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day..
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