[fpc-other] I thought it was going to get better, but no.

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 14:32:43 CEST 2023

On 4/23/23 12:36, wkitty42--- via fpc-other wrote:
>> I had thought that Joanna meant it when she said she'd step down from
>> her operator status at #fpc to allow for somebody else to take that
>> over, and I thought we were all going to be happy, but obviously I was
>> wrong.
> i didn't see her say that she was stepping down... what i saw was her 
> saying that she was giving up whatever rights she thought she had to 
> the public and accessible _ban list_...

I understood this as, she's offering the ban list, so you can invite 
these people to the new channel #fpc-alt, if you believe they've been 
banned unjustly.


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