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Michal Wallace michal.wallace at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 08:19:58 CEST 2023

Although I haven't been active for quite some time, I used to be very
active in #fpc, and just by coincidence happened to start seriously using
pascal again just in time for this drama.

Joanna has always been very nice to me, but the way she is treating
newcomers to the channel is incredibly perplexing and off-putting to me.

She basically tries to test anyone she doesn't recognize with pascal
questions. (Print the negative numbers 1 through 10) , and if you're a
complete newbie and unable to answer her questions (or unwilling, or just
don't realize that you're being tested by a mod), she decides you're a bot,
and nothing you can say or do will change that idea in her mind.

I haven't spoken to Steve here but clearly he's not a bot, and she
apparently sincerely believes he is... She didn't ban him because she
disagreed with him or didn't like something he did. *She sincerely believes
that he is a computer program.*

Today, she decided someone else that I had been talking to previously was a
computer program. According to her own screenshots (which she shouldn't be
posting in the first place), she started interrogating him in private
messages, and he refused to talk to her because she's a woman.

If she had kicked him out for being disruptive in the chat, fine. But he
wasn't being at all disruptive. He barely had a chance to say anything once
she showed up.

If she had kicked him out for being sexist in private messages...
<shrug>... Okay ,fine.

But that's not why she kicked him out.

But she kicked him out because she believes he is a computer program.

As far as she is concerned, I and anyone else who believes these people are
human beings have been tricked by the bots.

This is not a crazy evil moderator on a power trip. She is clearly a nice
person and well intentioned... But for whatever reason, she is convinced
that the channel is being continuously attacked by bots, and at least from
my perspective, that does not appear to be the case.

Maybe it was attacked at some point, as she claims. I don't know.

But something is wrong here.

Try joining the channel under a new name when she's around, and observe how
you are treated.
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