[fpc-other] I programmed a little game :)

p at petke.info p at petke.info
Sat Jul 9 16:09:56 CEST 2022


It's simple: at the start you are a little red square in the middle of 
the big labyrinth (program ofcourse do allways a new one). There is 
twenty Monster in labyrinth and they walks randomly. If they catch you 
the game ends and game is over too, if you do not succeed to get out of 
labyrinth in one minute.

Of course you move yourself with arrow keys in your keyboard.

If you are not afraid you can load and run the Windows exe:

If you are, the here is the source code:

Sori, but the variable's and type's etc. names are in finnish language. 
Maybe I change the to english some day.
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