[fpc-other] I need ppcjvm for ARM64 architecture

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Thu May 14 15:17:50 CEST 2020

I have deeply analysed my possibilities and I have came to The following
most realistic programmers solution.
I do not have enough experience to recode open JDK so it would run directly
from Android with no need to use Busybox or special .so libraryes, which
Termux uses.
Even if I would compile PPCJVM which would generate .class files, it is too
little for my goal. Since I need to use. Jasmin Java Assembler, which need
JRE or somilar Java environment. Termux has offered Open JDK but The running
app have been too unstable, it has allocated too much CPU resources so it
could even cause colt phone or Android device reboot.
As A contrast, Termux, Proot and running Debian, Ubuntu or similar matured
Linux distro is giving Me much more chances. Why? Because Proot allocates
system resources very smartly and it is even possible to build very complex
Gradle based projects, which require complex communication with running Java
virtual machine. OpenJDK is running smoothly there een for several minutes.
And I would had to base my attempts to Pandroid bundle. Because Mr
Swianovicz and Horiakus have allready developed all complex tasks including
Pascal units development, finding how to build Java classes by using Apache
I would never been able to collect so much information from Internet and
they have also introduced functioning approach for calling .so with no need
to use JNI technique. They have also introduced Pascal source to work with
Java ctivity such as main activity. Android API calls support, etc.
So what can I do for now?

I will install some Lazarus package for ARM64 Linux distro. Such as Debian,
Ubuntu. I will try to find, if there is An ppcjvm allready compiled.
Sure, it would not run directly on Android without some Linux terminal for
The most complex fight will be with Android Build tools. The question is, if
Android build tools compiled for Linux X64 will work with Open JDK for ARM64
Linux on Android device. If Java bite code for Linux X64 will be compatible
with Open JDk virtual machine which will by using Proot, Termux and some
Linux distro.

Next task will be to use RFO Basic for ANdroid with GW.bas library, which
combines Basic language with Javascript. This approach create very
attractive GUI. In this case, Webview Android engine to interpret code of
WEB pages is being used. The positive fact is, that in this case, GUI will
look very attractive even for sighted people and I will have chance to
interact with command line tools by using RFO Basic.
One programmer have allready developed special compiler, which uses Eclipse
compatible with Android and it run even without using Proot and Termux.
It even create Java classes and some technique which even creates .dex file.
His technique do not cause phone freeze. He is also using his own GW.bas.
Because RFO Basic is ideal for projects, which require some macro language.
Better than nothing and I must only hope, that it will work.

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