[fpc-devel] Unicode RTL

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Jul 28 11:02:39 CEST 2023

On Fri, 28 Jul 2023, Mattias Gaertner via fpc-devel wrote:

> On 24.07.23 21:49, Michael Van Canneyt via fpc-devel wrote:
>> [...]
>> Subtarget support is explained in more detail here:
>> https://wiki.freepascal.org/FPC_Subtarget_Support
>> * compile the various Lazarus widgetsets into different directories
>> * ... any other things you may think of ...
>> all with a single installation of FPC.
> The -t switch alters the $fpctarget, and therefore searches the fpc units in 
> another directory. So a non-fpc project must add the -Fu for the fpc units 
> itself.

How can a project be non-fpc ? Every project is compiled with fpc ?

If I understand your question correct:

If you don't wish to honor the subtarget in non-fpc sources, you don't need
to do anything, as long as you don't use the $fpctarget in your own -Fu/-FU.

It will then simply use the FPC units for the specified subtarget.

If you wish to 'honor' the subtarget in your own output paths,
you must add $fpctarget in -FU (and subsequently to -Fu) for your 
own compiler settings.

> Can you elaborate, how -t gives non-fpc projects new possibilities?

I think of it as "fpc-global build modes".

(build modes as implemented by lazarus may do some additional tricks,

It is of course mainly geared towards being able to have different unit trees
in the fpc distribution.

But it is a new concept, and time will have to tell what uses can be made of it
outside the fpc distribution itself. It can be that the answer is 'none'.

Maybe some small adaptations are needed to make it more useful. 
"Time will tell" also applies here, I suppose.


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