[fpc-devel] Recent changes break distclean for utils

Garry Wood garry at softoz.com.au
Wed Aug 16 03:29:47 CEST 2023


Just letting you know that some recent changes seem to have broken "make distclean" for source/utils

Makefile.fpc in the source/utils folder contains the line:

CLEAN_TARGET_DIRS=$(subst /Makefile.fpc, ,$(wildcard */Makefile.fpc))

But a recent commit (25 July 2023) removed all the Makefile.fpc files from source/utils/* so it now finds no targets to clean.

I tried changing the line to :

CLEAN_TARGET_DIRS=$(subst /Makefile, ,$(wildcard */Makefile))

which is the same as what is used for source/packages but then it fails because the Makefile in the sim_pasc folder doesn't have a distclean target.

For now I've resolved by adding the list of target folders directly to CLEAN_TARGET_DIRS but hopefully you have a better solution.



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