[fpc-devel] Status of ESP8266 embedded target

Christo Crause christo.crause at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 21:19:50 CEST 2022

On Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 8:52 PM Florian Klämpfl via fpc-devel <
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> Am 19.09.22 um 08:10 schrieb Christo Crause via fpc-devel:
> > I'm trying to get a minimal embedded example working, but there seems to
> > be some issues with the linker script and the startup code. Is there a
> > working (simple) example I can study? Or are further tweaks needed to
> > get the embedded target working for ESP8266?
> Not sure if it ever worked. I guess you looked already at the (little)
> information in the wiki?

Thanks, I suspected the current state wasn't quite working, just wanted to
make sure I'm not missing something obvious. This probably explains why the
xtensa-embedded section on the wiki is empty.

I managed to get a simple message printed over serial and blink an LED, so
there is a bit of progress.
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