[fpc-devel] Questions regarding m68k-atari target

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Tue Jan 25 17:11:51 CET 2022

Thorsten Otto via fpc-devel <fpc-devel at lists.freepascal.org> schrieb am
Di., 25. Jan. 2022, 14:45:

> >If I'm not mistaken, GCC for
> >Atari used to have some tool like this? Brownout, maybe?
> Yes, but i never used that "brown" tool. For one, i don't like its
> confusing naming convention (depending on gcc version, it is "brown",
> "extrabrown", "superbrown" etc). But more importantly, it needs an extra
> tool to be run after linking, which requires Makefiles to be changed for
> all projects that use it. That rules out most unix packages, where the
> Makefiles are generated by autoconf, Cmake or similar. Also the whole
> toolchain requires a script to be run on the mintlib (atari c-library)
> headers, which fails almost everytime something in mintlib changes. And
> they did not even manage to provide a gem library, or even a math library.

The compiler can call additional tools without problems. It does so for
example for MSX-DOS to convert the generated binary into the correct

> An alternative could be to use my mintelf toolchain, which is also
> available on my site. This is based on the same sources as the normal
> toolchain, but can be used as dropin replacement (just using a different
> target, or BINUTILSPREFIX in our case). It will generate working
> executables in the same way, but uses elf object format for compiling and
> linking, thus making all the features of that format available. For fpc
> that would mean however you have to tell it somehow that it can use elf
> features like sections, even when using gas. I will give it a try at the
> weekend, i think fpc can be tricked by using -Avasm, but then replacing the
> symlinks to the assembler.

Once you've tested that it works the way to go is to add an additional
assembler for Atari that has the features enabled or to add an option to
enable the features for the default one.

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