[fpc-devel] Questions regarding m68k-atari target

Thorsten Otto admin at tho-otto.de
Tue Jan 25 10:54:21 CET 2022

Hi Marcus,

thanks for your answers.

> yes the Atari version is compiled by Jenkins every commit
> https://build.alb42.de:8081/job/FPC_m68k-atari/ (to make sure the
> changes does not break the target) it uses the command line:

Yes, i saw the console output already. What i could not figure out yet: where 
does the script come from that is executed by Jenkins?

> btw. you know this:
> https://blog.alb42.de/2017/06/18/do-it-online-atari/
> http://home.alb42.de/fpatari/

Uh no, i did not know this. Awesome. Ultimately, it would be nice of course to 
run the resulting executable in some online emulator like pce-js ;)

> the prefix $CPU-$OS is just the default prefix for every cross
> compiling, if you need an other, you can supply it with e.g.
> -XPm68k-atari-mint-

Yes, found that already. But there is also at least one assembler file that is 
directly compiled from the Makefile (prt0.as), and that is also compiled by 
that $CPU-OS-as assembler (also when you otherwise use vasm). So i wonder a 
bit why that works on your build server. I also noted that, when using vasm/
vlink, those are also executed using that prefix, so the actual assembler that 
is invoked is m68k-atari-vasmm68k_std.

One reason why i would prefer gas is because FPC needs a non-standard version  
of vasm (compiled with std syntax module instead of motorola), and that 
assembler is also required on the target system. But the name 
"vasmm68k_std.ttp" does not fit in the 8.3 filesystem limit on Atari.

With the symlinked assembler/linker, and some fixes to the generated scripts, 
i was able now to produce the binaries. I noticed though that they are much 
larger (maybe because that smartlink feature is not available). However 
currently most of them bomb out right at the start, have to figure out yet 
whether that is caused by the different linker, or some other change to fpc 

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