[fpc-devel] Any word on this ARM / AArch64 optimisation?

J. Gareth Moreton gareth at moreton-family.com
Fri Jan 21 18:23:02 CET 2022

Hi everyone,

Any word on the validity of this ARM / AArch64 optimisation? It's quite 
good at increasing speed and shrinking code size by concatenating writes 
to the stack, among other things: 
https://gitlab.com/freepascal.org/fpc/source/-/merge_requests/104 - the 
new CPU feature flag I put in will also mean I can use it on ArmV7A to 
improve constant generation (for ARM, it requires at least an ARMV7A 
architecture, and for AArch64 it always works).

Gareth aka. Kit

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