[fpc-devel] Questions about cross-compiling (z80)

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Sat Feb 12 00:25:40 CET 2022

>> 2. Is it possible to add z80 cross compilation target to FP IDE? The FP IDe shows me a few targets, but z80 is not there.
> The text mode IDE can only ever compile for one CPU platform, so you need to build it for Z80. Though I don't know right now whether this is enabled.

   I just added basic support for a few more CPUs: riscv32, riscv64, wasm32, xtensa and z80.

  You can generate them in newest trunk by moving to packages/ide directory and issuing a:

make all_targets OPT="XXXX"
with XXXX being you usual OPT.

Or you can simply use:
make z80 OPT="XXXX"
followed by
make z80_install OPT="XXXX"

   This should add z80-fp executable in the same location as
your latest trunk compiler...

   Most CPUs do not have CPU specific options encoded inside
the IDE sources, thus you might need to add the options you
want to use to the
   Please report if you discover any problems.


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