[fpc-devel] Questions about cross-compiling (z80)

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Fri Feb 11 17:24:21 CET 2022

On 2022-02-11 14:14, Sven Barth via fpc-devel wrote:
> BogDan via fpc-devel <fpc-devel at lists.freepascal.org> schrieb am Fr.,
> 11. Feb. 2022, 11:09:

>> It seems is an IHX format not tzx
>> Also the result for a simple hello world is way too big (over 20k) !
>> I assume that I'm passing wrong params to ppcrossz80. What params
>> should I use? Where I can find more info on this matter?
> You need to make sure that the ihxutil built in
> utils/ihxutil/<hostcpu>-<hostos>/ is available in PATH, so that the
> compiler will do the conversion.

@Sven: Sorry for a silly question, but shouldn't the compiler emit some 
error message if the tool isn't available?

>> 2. Is it possible to add z80 cross compilation target to FP IDE? The
>> FP IDe shows me a few targets, but z80 is not there.
> The text mode IDE can only ever compile for one CPU platform, so you
> need to build it for Z80. Though I don't know right now whether this
> is enabled.

Just for clarification of the original poster - Sven means building the 
IDE for _compilation_ for Z80 (not that the IDE should run on Z80). 
Nevertheless, even that isn't supported right now at the moment - as of 
now, there's support only for x86 and m68k architectures within this 
IDE. It might be possible to add support for other targets as well, but 
it would require some effort.


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