[fpc-devel] Questions about cross-compiling (z80)

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 10:09:39 CET 2022


According to https://wiki.freepascal.org/Z80 fpc is able to compile pascal code for z80.
Sadly I'm a newbie on fpc, therefore I have a few questions:

1. I changed a bit the build script from https://wiki.freepascal.org/Z80#Building and I managed to build fpc, and when I built a simple hello world file, the resulted tzx file seems wrong:
 ./ppcrossz80 -n -Tzxspectrum -PZ80 -Fu/path/to/fpc/lib/fpc/3.3.1/units/z80-zxspectrum/rtl -viwn -CX -XX test.pas

$ cat test.tzx

It seems is an IHX format not tzx
Also the result for a simple hello world is way too big (over 20k) !
I assume that I'm passing wrong params to ppcrossz80. What params should I use? Where I can find more info on this matter?

2. Is it possible to add z80 cross compilation target to FP IDE? The FP IDe shows me a few targets, but z80 is not there.


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