[fpc-devel] Possible problem with RTTI?

Thorsten Otto admin at tho-otto.de
Wed Feb 9 17:46:19 CET 2022


while working on some atari specific support in ExecuteProcess, i'm now 
encountering some crash that seems to happen in fpc_dynarray_setlength:

[00006c94] 4e56 ffcc                 link       a6,#-52
[00006c98] 48ee 3cfc ffcc            movem.l    d2-d7/a2-a5,-52(a6)
[00006c9e] 2d48 fff4                 move.l     a0,-12(a6)
[00006ca2] 2449                      movea.l    a1,a2
[00006ca4] 2400                      move.l     d0,d2
[00006ca6] 206e 0008                 movea.l    8(a6),a0
[00006caa] 4a90                      tst.l      (a0)
[00006cac] 6c14                      bge.s      $00006CC2
[00006cae] 4eb9 0000 0fcc            jsr        SYSTEM_$$_GET_PC_ADDR$$POINTER
[00006cb4] 2040                      movea.l    d0,a0
[00006cb6] 224e                      movea.l    a6,a1
[00006cb8] 7036                      moveq.l    #54,d0
[00006cba] 4600                      not.b      d0
[00006cbc] 4eb9 0000 843c            jsr        SYSTEM_$
[00006cc2] 204a                      movea.l    a2,a0
[00006cc4] 5488                      addq.l     #2,a0
[00006cc6] 7000                      moveq.l    #0,d0
[00006cc8] 102a 0001                 move.b     1(a2),d0
[00006ccc] d1c0                      adda.l     d0,a0
[00006cce] 7203                      moveq.l    #3,d1
[00006cd0] 2008                      move.l     a0,d0
[00006cd2] d081                      add.l      d1,d0
[00006cd4] 2601                      move.l     d1,d3
[00006cd6] c6bc 0000 0004            and.l      #$00000004,d3
[00006cdc] 4a83                      tst.l      d3
[00006cde] 660a                      bne.s      $00006CEA
[00006ce0] 4681                      not.l      d1
[00006ce2] 2600                      move.l     d0,d3
[00006ce4] c681                      and.l      d1,d3
[00006ce6] 2243                      movea.l    d3,a1
[00006ce8] 600c                      bra.s      $00006CF6
[00006cea] 2200                      move.l     d0,d1
[00006cec] c2bc 0000 0003            and.l      #$00000003,d1
[00006cf2] 9081                      sub.l      d1,d0
[00006cf4] 2240                      movea.l    d0,a1
[00006cf6] 2629 0004                 move.l     4(a1),d3
[00006cfa] 2069 0008                 movea.l    8(a1),a0
[00006cfe] 2850                      movea.l    (a0),a4
[00006d00] 4aa9 0010                 tst.l      16(a1)
[00006d04] 6708                      beq.s      $00006D0E
[00006d06] 2069 0010                 movea.l    16(a1),a0
[00006d0a] 2650                      movea.l    (a0),a3
[00006d0c] 6002                      bra.s      $00006D10
[00006d0e] 97cb                      suba.l     a3,a3
[00006d10] 206e 0008                 movea.l    8(a6),a0
[00006d14] 2210                      move.l     (a0),d1
[00006d16] 2003                      move.l     d3,d0
[00006d18] 4eb9 0000 28ec            jsr        FPC_MUL_LONGINT
[00006d1e] 2800                      move.l     d0,d4
[00006d20] 5084                      addq.l     #8,d4
[00006d22] 7a00                      moveq.l    #0,d5
[00006d24] 206e fff4                 movea.l    -12(a6),a0
[00006d28] 4a90                      tst.l      (a0)
[00006d2a] 664a                      bne.s      $00006D76
[00006d2c] 206e 0008                 movea.l    8(a6),a0
[00006d30] 4a90                      tst.l      (a0)
[00006d32] 6700 0306                 beq        $0000703A
[00006d36] 2004                      move.l     d4,d0
[00006d38] 4eb9 0000 87a8            jsr        SYSTEM_$$_ALLOCMEM$LONGWORD$
[00006d3e] 2040                      movea.l    d0,a0
[00006d40] 2d48 fff8                 move.l     a0,-8(a6)
[00006d44] 200b                      move.l     a3,d0
[00006d46] 6728                      beq.s      $00006D70
[00006d48] 7000                      moveq.l    #0,d0
[00006d4a] 1014                      move.b     (a4),d0  <-- a4 contains zero 
at this point
[00006d4c] 0c80 0000 000d            cmpi.l     #$0000000D,d0
[00006d52] 6708                      beq.s      $00006D5C
[00006d54] 0c80 0000 0010            cmpi.l     #$00000010,d0
[00006d5a] 6614                      bne.s      $00006D70

(on Atari, accessing a NULL pointer will result in a bus-error, similar to a 
segfault on unix)

That code seems to correspond to

where eletypemngd is checked, but then eletype is accessed. Could there 
something be wrong with the generated RTTI? That would also explain the 
spurious crashes i sometimes encounter on program exit.
And is there an easy way to verify the generated info?

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