[fpc-devel] Unable to find resource

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.nl
Fri Apr 22 10:36:27 CEST 2022

I stashed my changes and compiled the previous version of the software 
without problems. '.\lib\x86_64-win64\x_service.res' is not linked, so 
somewhere my changes have triggered it.

To be continued...


On 22-4-2022 10:09, Marc Weustink via fpc-devel wrote:
> On 22-4-2022 09:55, Marco van de Voort via fpc-devel wrote:
>> On 22-4-2022 09:12, Marc Weustink via fpc-devel wrote:
>>> On a project I'm working on I needed to refactor some units. After I 
>>> finished, I got a linking error about a duplicate resource. Maybe 
>>> accidentally a stale one got linked, so I removed 2 occurrences.
>>> And now the compiler complains it cannot find the resource.
>>> Debug: parsing parameter '.\lib\x86_64-win64\x_service.res'
>>> Debug: parsing parameter 'C:\Users\marc\x\x_service.res'
>> Well that is duplicate obviously.
> That was the original problem, so I removed the versions from both 
> locations. In the output you see that the new version is build as 
> 'C:\Users\marc\x\x_service.res'
> the '.\lib\x86_64-win64\x_service.res' is not build, hence my question, 
> why is it tried to link that one ?
>> Maybe you did some manual cmdline build that left a .res in the 
>> working dir , and your project has a stale {$R *.res} in the .dpr ?
> I do have a {$R *.res}, iirc this should link x.res (which you can see 
> in the files passed)
> Marc
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