[fpc-devel] Preparing 3.2.4, call for merge request and regressions

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Sat Oct 2 21:29:18 CEST 2021

>> Problematic - seems to require commits that affect other targets:
>> 8fd0a27875abb2636a1388876f590a3a56d83b56 - commit doesn't compile, missing definition of labelcnt
>> ae04e5d7f0c2527677b7c4ce6be2c235a4635c82 - doesn't compile, requires definition of TransferUsedRegs in 94d7a02fae1d06a40fc9313f7e42323f97d577c7 but that doesn't merge cleanly (conflicts in aoptx86.pas).
>> 4b4e316af02a968f27147123b189b04a9931ba79 - requires commit or fix that renames FPC_in_cpu_first to in_cpu_first
> If they do not fix really important things, then I would leave them out.
> There are a couple of refactoring commits in the aopt units that seem like general improvements (e.g. 94d7a02fae1d06a40fc9313f7e42323f97d577c7) which haven't been picked yet.  Will these be merged at some point, maybe 3.4?

3.4 will be branched from main so these changes will be there for sure.

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