[fpc-devel] FPC & Lazarus moving to gitlab

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Wed Jun 23 00:02:30 CEST 2021

Ryan Joseph via fpc-devel <fpc-devel at lists.freepascal.org> schrieb am Di.,
22. Juni 2021, 23:49:

> > On Jun 22, 2021, at 10:05 AM, Michael Van Canneyt via fpc-devel <
> fpc-devel at lists.freepascal.org> wrote:
> >
> > The date for the final conversion has been established as the weekend of
> > 17/18 july. People that wish to report bugs after that will have to
> create a
> > gitlab account in order to do so. (Those with a github account can
> normally
> > also use that account to log in with gitlab, see the gitlab login page.)
> I thought the plan was to move to GitHub? I never used GitLab before so
> can you explain the reasoning here?

The plan has *never* been GitHub. The original plan was self hosted with a
*mirror* on GitHub. Now we'll instead use GitLab as main repository with a
mirror on GitHub.
With GitLab we have at least the option to move back to a self hosted
version keeping the same interface if the insanity of real world politics
should prove it necessary.

Also GitLab isn't that different from GitHub from a user's point of view.
Some options might be at different locations or might be named differently,
but it's still a web interface geared towards to same use case.


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