[fpc-devel] Anyone an idea were/how to look for the missing merge in 3.0.2

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Jun 9 00:31:36 CEST 2021

I have the following issue.

A testcase (LazDebuggerFp/test) works fine. Except for 3.2.0 and 3.2.2 
(win 64) with -O3 or -O2

In detail:
- It works in 32 bit   3.2.2     --  O3
- It works in 64 bit  3.0.4 / 3.3.1  -- O1 O2 and O3   (My 3.3.1 is 2 
weeks old.)
- It works in 64 bit  LINUX  3.2.2     --  O3
- It works in 64 bit   3.2.0 / 3.2.2  -- O1
- It works in 64 bit   3.2.2  -- O3  with {$implicitexceptions off} in 
several units

* It does not work in 64bit  3.2.0 / 3.2.2  -O2 or O3  with default 
{$implicitexceptions ON}

Yes, it could be a bug in my code, but at this point, my primary 
suspicion points to a different origin for the trouble.

I could not find the faulty code yet. I suspect that it is a random 
memory write (dangling pointer) that causes an error long after.
And  given that I can't use valgrind....

So anyone can thing of any bug fixed (as it works with 3.3.1), that may 
not have been merged?
I have not checked 3.2.1 yet. / Will be a while, I am away a couple of days.

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