[fpc-devel] Error: Internal error 200602035

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sat Dec 11 12:57:57 CET 2021

I just got: fpdebugdebugger.pas(4322,1) Error: Internal error 200602035
Even on a clean build.
(fpc 3.2.3, updated yesterday)

I am not able to create a small example, but I saved the state of my 
lazarus dir to
I hope this will reproduce.

In case it matters
-gh -g -gw3 -godwarfsets  -gl   -dCR   -Ct -Co -Cr -Ci  -gt   -Si- -Sa
-dXe  -Se15  -ve -vw -vn  -vi
   -O-  -CX  -WC

Compiling the package fpdebug with the above details/commit should 
result in the error.

the error is caused by / line 426
     procedure DoProcessMessages; inline;

remove the inline and all is fine.

It may be noteworthy to mention line 4139
   ProcessMessagesProc := @DoProcessMessages;

The variable is in another unit.
   ProcessMessagesProc: procedure of object;

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