[fpc-devel] Compiler message colour scheme

Nikolai Zhubr n-a-zhubr at yandex.ru
Wed Nov 25 10:31:55 CET 2020


25.11.2020 1:52, Tomas Hajny via fpc-devel:
> On 2020-11-24 19:17, J. Gareth Moreton via fpc-devel wrote:
>> Sorry for being a bit slow - I've been doing my own work on x86. I
>> gave your patch (and new file) a test run on x86_64-win64, and that
>> seems to work fine.  At least the warning messages in the packages
>> appear magenta.  I'll give arm-linux a test next.
> No problem, thanks for testing. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me
> under Windows (Win 10 Pro 64-bit) either with the original version or

Have you also checked with this registry trick for win10:


(As per https://superuser.com/a/1300251/109090)



> with my modifications (i.e. hopefully unrelated to my changes). It could
> be some configuration of the used Windows installation, whatever, no
> idea. I'll probably commit my changes now hoping that I didn't break
> anything for anybody for whom it worked correctly previously. The GO32v2
> version was not compilable in the sent version, fixed now and tested to
> work properly (apparently, coloured output using ANSI escape codes works
> more reliably with 16-bit MS-DOS/PC DOS/... than with 64-bit MS Windows
> 10 Pro ;-) ). And BTW, no, it doesn't work under DOSBox, because DOSBox
> supports ANSI escape codes out of the box without signalizing that such
> support is available in a way compatible to the real DOS. I could add a
> specific check for running under DOSBox if somebody wants it (it's just
> a few more lines of code, no difficulties).
> Tomas
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