[fpc-devel] Linux Binary - Socket Output affected by SystemCtl, HELP!

Marco van de Voort core at pascalprogramming.org
Wed Jan 29 15:23:56 CET 2020

Op 29/01/2020 om 14:54 schreef Ozz Nixon via fpc-devel:
> Would/Could, LANG/LOCALE affect socket output?
> * I personally do not touch environment variables - so I am not sure 
> what to ever try. The "client" (Telnet) I have tried Terminal.App, 
> iTerm2, Putty.exe, Telnet.exe, xTerm-256, fTelnet, etc. all clients on 
> all 3 OSes render '?' from the daemon if systemctl starts it, again, 
> if I just start the fpc binary from a shell'd session, ./program - it 
> works fine on all 3 OSes that previously show '?'. I have tcpdump'd 
> the socket, it sends '?' when ran under systemctl, however, sends the 
> 8bit character when ran manually on the command line.
Afaik the unicode manager (cwstring)initializes using those 

Note the best way to check is to use a binary client that dumps data as 
hex, or wireshark.

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