[fpc-devel] Linux Binary - Socket Output affected by SystemCtl, HELP!

Ozz Nixon ozznixon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 14:23:54 CET 2020

I am not sure how this is occurring, however, my socket daemon on Linux -
is launched by hand ./program is able to send to the socket:


And the terminal (any) will display the single highbit characters.

If systemctl start myprogram... that same call sends '???'. Same binary,
not recompiled or anything. Then I do systemctl stop myprogram, and
./program connect to it, and I get the single highbit characters again.

I have googled everything I could think of for FPC and SYSTEMCTL, to see if
either have documented this - without success. Since you guys know what the
compiler is producing, and all these tricks you guys do for UTF8, CP437,
etc... I decided to give up and ask you guys - any idea what is going on?

* The other challenge is, this just started a week ago. the
myprogram.service file has not been modified, nothing for the OS had been
modified, I just noticed one day - the code I use for UTF8 auto detection
was showing ???? ... and then ran my 8bit test, and noticed ever character
0x80+ displays as '?'.

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