[fpc-devel] A more fundamental problem Re: i36507

J. Gareth Moreton gareth at moreton-family.com
Fri Jan 3 10:45:50 CET 2020

Hi everyone,

So I reported this morning that Lazarus no longer builds as of r43826.  
Ondrej was quick to update the Lazarus sources to allow it to build 
again and marking the issue as fixed, but the underlying regression in 
the Free Pascal Compiler still exists.

Basically, the compiler failed on constructs like this

do begin

The fix was to replace it with the following 
(ide/frames/compiler_compilation_options.pas - line 394):

   HL := 

Given the "illegal qualifier" errors that appeared, I'm guessing the 
issue is that "Options" is also a property of the THistoryList class as 
well as a local variable.  Technically speaking though, this is a 
regression unless it's to be documented (and hence break backward 
compatibility) that if you have a property and a local variable of the 
same name, the property takes precedence.

Gareth aka. Kit

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