[fpc-devel] Planning to experiment with FPC extentions

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> I have been planning for long time to try to add support for advanced RTTI
> to FPC, but never had the chance to work on it.
> I don’t even know how to start. Is there any information on how to setup
> for recompiling the compiler sources and even where the sources and the
> project files for the compiler are?
> Can someone help me setup so I can start to study the code and see how I
> can start working on it?

This page has a summary of where one can locate the source:

The official repository uses svn. I find it a bit easier to work with git,
this is a good place to fork from if you prefer git:

As Ryan mentioned, start with one of the Lazarus projects in the compiler
folder, this is a quick why to modify, compile and test. Once you are
satisfied the next step is to build the whole tree (compiler, rtl,
packages, utilities) using make. If this works, run the test suite in the
tests folder.

Good luck!

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