[fpc-devel] Fpcupdeluxe utilities to share

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Fri Apr 17 08:11:09 CEST 2020

Hello to all,

As you might know, I am the maintainer of fpcupdeluxe.
Its a tool to install FPC and Lazarus. And to install cross-compilers.


As part of fpcupdeluxe, binutils (and libs) are created/hosted to be 
able to cross-compile from various systems.
E.g. for Windows:
And also various bootstrappers:

Among other things, especially the binary utilities might be of interest 
for FPC.


Would it be an idea to host (part of these) fpcup[deluxe] utilities on 
the FPC ftp server for general use ?
These utilities could be used by many, with or without fpcupdeluxe.
At this moment, info about cross-compiling is very scattered, as are the 
tools needed.


There could be more to share.
Aros: the collect-aros utility has been adapted to compile on Mac, Linux 
and Windows (mingw) to produce working Aros binaries on all these 
OpenBSD: the latest vanilla binutils (2.17) have been pimped to compile 
on all systems, including Windows.
More binutils for various systems have been adapted to compile on 
various systems.

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