[fpc-devel] vtCardinal in TVarRec

Kirinn kirinn at mooncore.eu
Sun Sep 29 11:31:58 CEST 2019

I'd like to ask for some clarification on this issue:


Dwords can't be passed into an array of const, because TVarRec doesn't 
have an unsigned 32-bit integer type. Adding any kind of handling for it 
would be Delphi-incompatible. But isn't the point of the ObjPas mode to 
be able to fix regrettable oversights that Delphi has? Can't a special 
case be added for accepting Dwords in ObjPas mode only? Note, that 
vtQWord and vtUnicodeString are already extensions going beyond Delphi. 
Why not Dword?

The reason I ask is that arrays of const are very powerful, and work 
beautifully, except for lacking support for one of the most common 
variable types. And because an array of const is a compiler-level 
construct, I can't even override it. This feels frustrating. :(


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