[fpc-devel] Win32 build of actual trunk

Gabor Boros mlnglsts at bgss.hu
Sun Sep 8 14:43:17 CEST 2019

2019. 09. 08. 13:14 keltezéssel, Jonas Maebe írta:
> You should perform a "make cycle" in the compiler directory, or "make 
> all" at the top level FPC directory. The ppudump utility will then only 
> be compiled with the final compiler. The compiler built during the first 
> pass may not be feature-complete due to known bugs or limitations of the 
> bootstrap compiler.

I use "make all zipinstall".

The "make all zipinstall OS_TARGET=win64 CPU_TARGET=x86_64" works as 
expected and "make all zipinstall OS_TARGET=win32 CPU_TARGET=i386" not.


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