[fpc-devel] Progress on reviewing x86_64 optimizer overhaul and node semantic pass

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Sat Oct 26 19:33:47 CEST 2019

Am 26.10.19 um 16:47 schrieb J. Gareth Moreton:
> Hi Florian,
> That seems like a fair assessment.  I'll see what I can do, especially 
> as I have a design spec to go by, so maybe there's stuff to salvage and 
> re-implement.
> If I recall, there was a similar TODO in the current code and it just 
> got moved, but I'll double-check that.
> I've seen 'goto' used a few times in the code but wasn't sure what the 
> policy was on that.  Generally I use a "repeat... until True;" loop with 
> a "Continue;" - is that an okay substitution?
> Since you're suggesting more bite-sized chunks, I think the first thing 
> I'll do is overhaul the jump optimisations, since they caused 
> significant improvements in places that are independent of reducing the 
> optimiser passes.

Yes. Those are indeed useful. Make yourself familiar how to do partial 
commits with TortoiseGit, this works very well: 

In combination with rebasing you can quickly redo the patches to 
refactor out this part.

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