[fpc-devel] Changes in wiki?

Karoly Balogh (Charlie/SGR) charlie at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Fri Nov 29 14:13:38 CET 2019


On Fri, 29 Nov 2019, Werner Pamler wrote:

> Who takes care of the wiki software? There is another issue that it is
> not possible any more to replace existing uploaded images by new
> versions (at least when I tried the last time, some weeks ago).

It's me. And I know. I spent today 3 hours again trying to debug it,
upgrading/downgrading versions left and right, doing all sorts of DB
magic, trying to wave a dead chicken above an upside down pentagramm drawn
with black goat blood upon full moon, but to no avail.

Because of course a normal Googling doesn't reveal anything, except FPC
people asking about this issue on all possible forums. And today I came to
the conclusion - again -, that my life is not long enough to debug that
pile of PHP garbage, sorry.

But as always, ideas and suggestions welcomed. What's for sure, it's not a
file/directory simple permission or misconfiguration issue. But probably a
genunine bug somewhere. According to some ancient - probably only slightly
related - MediaWiki bugtracker entries, it could be in one of the
extensions we use. Which are only a handful, actually. No idea.

But I failed even enabling some sane debug logging for the Wiki. Like, I
follow the manual, expect a debug log to happen, but literally nothing.
(Additional funfact: the manual claims some variable to be used for DB
debugging, but when I visit that variable's description page, it was
removed 5+ versions ago. Yeah.) And without even that, every attempt is
just poking into a black hole with a stick.

Rant aside, if you ignore that Error message, the "fun" part is, uploading
new versions of a file actually seem to work for me. You still get the
error, but then when you reload the file, the new content is there.


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