[fpc-devel] Changes in wiki?

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Thu Nov 28 21:45:11 CET 2019

Some time ago I wrote a wiki article on our NumLib 
(https://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/NumLib_Documentation). Looking at 
this page again today I found that the math expressions are no longer 
rendered correctly by Firefox, it just displays the MathML source text, 
e.g. https://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/NumLib_Documentation#Matrices. 
Chrome does display it correctly, though. So I suspect that Firefox has 
disabled yet another add-on. I've been using the add-on "NativeMathML" 
which has been working so far. Is there anything else that I should select?

There must also have been a change related to <code> tags enclosing a 
paragraph. Now short empty "code-blocks" appear on the rendered page 
before and after such a paragraph. This happens for example in 
- see screenshot. The wiki code is like this:

    Alternatively a matrix also can be specified as a one-dimensional
    array. This works because all data are found within the same memory
    block. The array index, <code>k</code> must be converted to the 2D
    matrix indexes, <code>i, j</code>:

       k := i * n + j      <==> i = k div n, j := k mod n          {for
    0-based array and matrix indexes}
       k := (i-1) * n + j  <==> i := (k-1) div n + 1, j := (k-1) mod n +
    1  {for 1-based array and matrix indexes}

    Using a one-dimensional array a

Both Firefox and Chrome display it this way. I noticed that using 
<syntaxhighlight> tags avoids this isse. Is this the way to do it now?


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