[fpc-devel] make fpc -j (--jobs) / Windows

Martin fpc at mfriebe.de
Fri Nov 22 17:37:06 CET 2019

I read several mailsĀ  in the past that pointed out how fast fpc would 
compile itself, if one uses "make --jobs=10" or similar.

If that is true, then first question: Does it work on Windows?

Using make from
folder install\binw64
Having checked from the windows task manager, that this is indeed the 
make.exe that is being used

make.exe --jobs=8 all

Calling make --help identifies make knows the argument.

I get an average cpu usage of 8 to 9 % (6 Cores / 12 threads means this 
is one core).
Throughout the entire compile, the peak load is 15%

Windows 10 64 bits
I7 8700KĀ  (6cores / 12 threads) / 32 gb ram / no swapfile, so there is 
no swapping, and there is plenty of free ram
All data on SSD (M2)

The task manager shows (while building a 32 bit fpc ):
- several make.exe (no cpu usage), but there will be several even for 
one task, as make descends into directories
- one fpmake
- one ppc386.exe

So for all I can say, no speedup due to --jobs.

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