[fpc-devel] Attn Michael: r 43417 (ordinal bithelpers)

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Sun Nov 10 11:45:22 CET 2019

Am 10.11.19 um 10:54 schrieb Michael Van Canneyt:
> On Sat, 9 Nov 2019, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> On 09/11/2019 20:17, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>>> On Sat, 9 Nov 2019, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>>>>> I definitely want to help to integrate the tests somehow in the daily
>>>>> testrun, but I will not use the slow testsuite.
>>>> With parallel compilation, it will be barely slower.
>>> home:~/rtl> time retest Classes > out
>>> 3.400u 0.628s 0:04.02 100.0%    0+0k 0+33872io 0pf+0w
>>> retest is the command I use. I redirected output. 3 seconds, and that
>>> includes recompiling the RTL. All classes tests run.
>>> home:~/fpc> time make clean all PP=ppcx64-3.0.4 > out
>> As I mentioned, we could change it so that for running the hypothetical
>> tests_rtl target in tests directory, you would only have to compile 
>> the RTL.
> No.
> It's not just the waste of time, it's also the origanization of the 
> sources.
> See my mail to Florian. I have 1 application that has all the tests. It's
> easy to navigate & whatnot. In the testsuite the tests are scattered 
> over 100-ds of applications in which a cat cannot find her kitten. I 
> wouldn't know how to find all tests
> for a particular function apart from a grep X *.* */*.* */*/*.* etc. Not
> particularly efficient.

All tests written for a certain unit written as "unit unit tests" are in 
tests/test/units/<unit name> (actually, tests/test contains in general 
unit tests - unit in the sense of testing - all other dirs are 
regression tests). Your test app could easily live there e.g. in 
tests/test/rtl if it is not split between different units. All test runs 
(nightly or manual) would pick it up.

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