[fpc-devel] "Case statement does not handle all possible cases" Warning

Martok listbox at martoks-place.de
Sat May 18 14:02:41 CEST 2019

It's not DFA.

See my proposal thread from January and Jonas' implementation from this week:


> Warnings should indicate the possibility of unstable code due to 
> uninitialised values

As long as the core question remains unanswered, these are required exactly
because in cases (pun intended) where they exist, the compiler may do something
very different from what was intended, and even be wildly different between

I would prefer literally any other solution (such as the two-line-patch my
Windows trunk builds have contained for two years now), but this is the one that
gets merged. Go figure.


Ceterum censeo b32079 esse sanandam.

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