[fpc-devel] Aligned dynamic arrays

denisgolovan denisgolovan at yandex.ru
Fri Mar 29 22:30:14 CET 2019

Hi all

Sorry for possible starting a new thread as I've just managed to subscribe to the list.

Could we discuss more options here?

Maybe separate aligned array is a better alternative? 

I mean a new type fully backward compatible with dynamic arrays, but with additional requirements (more specialized that is)?
Like some interface (similar to memory manager record) for reallocating, deallocating, copy-on-write handling, etc. 
Ideally some state would be allowed as well, thus interface type.
This way dynamic arrays might be more flexible. e.g. think of mmapped arrays on disk implementation support (requires extra state like file handles, etc.).
I reckon it would require more changes to compiler though.

Also I'd like to get an idea how this functionality is to play with existing alignment directives for records.

Denis Golovan

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