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Please note that the original poster isn't subscribed to the list
apparently, you may better include him in Cc: when responding (doing that
myself now).

As far as I can tell, the issue may be more likely related to the
packaging of a particular Linux distribution (Raspbian in this case?) than
FPC itself. Obviously, it should be possible to build either just the
required packages with the FPC version distributed there, or the complete
latest release of FPC there, but that obviously needs some additional
effort. In any case, questions about not having PTC included with Raspbian
might be better sent to the respective maintainer of Raspbian.


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Subject: Re: [fpc-devel] Programming in Pascal .
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Date:    Wed, March 27, 2019 09:56
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 Hello there Yves Boudeville,
 That's great to hear that Pascal has served you well with scientific
programming and the like.  I confess unfortunately I'm not familiar with
the units, but I will be happy to see if I can help optimise them in
places, either by writing platform-specific assembly language (with a
Pascal fallback if it's not Intel x86_64), kind of my speciality, or
compiler improvements.
 Are you sure that PtcGraph isn't stil available? I just checked with the
development version and it seems to be present.
 Gareth aka Kit.

 On Tue 26/03/19 08:07 , Yves Boudeville Yves.Boudeville at free.fr sent:
 I am asking questions on the art of scientific computing from 1966.
 After Algol and Modula,
 the U.C.S.D. Pascal system has been the touchstone of the scientific
 computing. This has
 been devoted by Niklaus Wirth book and applied in Borland TP7 software.
 The only thing
 scientists need is a strongly typed language with pixel access on a
 single graphical windows.
  This is needed, for instance, by Monte-Carlo simulations. We need the
 full power of the
 computer with the pixel definition of the result because the eyes are
 the  best investigators
 for scientific bugs. TP7 with graph was the best tool for that. For less
 approaches, like 3D models it was sufficient to use Borland Delphi-7.
 Now, in 2019, it was
 possible to use FPC compiler with Fp-IDE to make in laboratories good
 simulations of
 scientific equations, very clean in FPC Pascal, with the Graphical tools
 PtcGraph, PtcCrt, etc
 ... It is far more useful than old Seymour Cray Fortran or C// on
 Connection Machines CM1 / CM2
 of Hillis : Theses need M.I.T. gourous in big National Laboratories.
 Some years ago, it was possible with the good job of Nikolay Nikolov on 
 Ptc Pascal Units, to do
 clean-proof use of computer to visualize physics in HDMI 1920 x 1080 x
 65536c under Windows.
 With lesser resolution, a work in Pascal was running without
 adding/changing a word under
 Windows_Intel / Ubuntu_Linux / or Raspbian_Raspberry Rpi3. Now, for
 scientific use, it is not
 possible because  ptcgraph etc... are not included in latest versions,
 for instance of Raspbian.
 So, in order to use software in Physics, we are compelled use old
 versions of OS  2.6.4 Fpc
 systems instead of 3.0.0 on /usr/lib/fpc to use our programs. It is a
 big problem for us because
 we are interested by easy Pascal simulations of physics and we are
 newbie in systems. Will it be
 an hope to have again under Fpc : PtcGraph, PtcCrt, PtcMouse... to do
 good job in physics ?

 Friendly Yours.

 P.S. I beg your pardon for my desesperately rusty English language
 because Classrooms are very

 far from me in time ... ( I am 73 ) .

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