[fpc-devel] Publish some of FPC's internal cross-platform functionality

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 15:12:30 CET 2019

Sven Barth to Anton Shepelev:

>>Since we already have cross-platform functions FileRead
>>and FileWrite, would not it be useful to have them set the
>>InOutRes variable, or to publish a facility for converting
>>the value of GetLastOSError into an InOutRes value?
>The usage of InOutRes is only defined for the Pascal style
>file I/O (Read/Write).

Thanks for the correction.  My second propostion, however,
still holds.  Writers of drivers for this Pascal-style I/O
interface should have the ability to convert OS-specific
error codes into InOurRes values, which are not even
documented at:


Notice also that FreePascal's TextRec handling is
incompatible with that of Delphi.  The TextRec operations
OpenFunc, InOutFunc, FlushFunc, and CloseFunc return a
longint, which Delphi interprets as the result code but
FreePascal ignores.  Therefore, I must set InOutRes in
FreePascal and return the error in Delphi.

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