[fpc-devel] Publish some of FPC's internal cross-platform functionality

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 18:09:28 CET 2019

Hello, all

FreePascal has many low-level cross-platform functions
scattered over multiple .inc files but not consolilated into
reusable cross-platform units.  Consider, for example, the

  function do_read (h: longint; addr: pointer; len: longint) : longint;
  function do_write(h: longint; addr: pointer; len: longint) : longint;

implemented in sysfile.inc for Unix, Winows, Mac OS, MS-DOS,
and other operatring systems.  Wouldn't it be useful to
publish them in a unit sysfile.pp, possibly along with a
facility to translate the OS-specific error codes into a
general enumeration?

It would relieve the programmer of writing conditionally
compiled OS-specific code sections for such basic operations
as are already implemented in FreePascal's internals.  I,
for example, have to do it whenever my Windws/Unix program
works with a file handle.

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