[fpc-devel] Getting built-in string type

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Sat Mar 2 21:37:46 CET 2019

I’ve looked into this more today and I don’t see how we can get around needing a typesym for specializations.

For example:

generic procedure DoThis<T>(msg: T);

	a: array of char;

Is going to specialize as DoThis<array of char>(a). “array of char” is (for lack of the proper term) an anonymous dynamic array and would be not a valid specialization unless an explicit type was declared.

For strings I figured out I could use the built-in system type “cshortstringtype” if is_chararray() return true (for specializing string constants like in my initial question) but that is specific to string constants.

For normal function calls this isn’t a problem because the type is always specified but for implicit specializations the type may need to be declared in order for the specialization to be possible.

	Ryan Joseph

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