[fpc-devel] Regressions on i386-win32 and x86_64-win64

Nikolai Zhubr n-a-zhubr at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 2 20:57:46 CET 2019


02.03.2019 19:59, J. Gareth Moreton:
> It might need double-checking, but I'm getting a couple of regressions
> on the trunk for i386-win32 and x86_64-win64:
> Failed, compilation successful webtbf/tw4893d.pp 2018/12/06 07:01:14
> Failed, compilation successful webtbf/tw4893e.pp 2018/12/06 07:01:14
> Both these tests seem to be label/goto tests for {$mode fpc} and {$mode
> objfpc) - can anyone confirm, or do I have a faulty set-up?

Testsuite buildbots do not seem to list them as faulty currently, so if 
you really meant the results against current svn repository then the 
answer is probably the latter. You can check it yourself anytime, 
although I'd refrain from advertising the URL of testsuite database 
publicly (Instead, please ask Florian or some core developer to tell you 
in private).


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