[fpc-devel] SSL socket support rework & HTTPS support in FPC HTTP Server.

Ozz Nixon ozznixon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 19:40:46 CET 2019

Yeah, I can see what you mean. I was just thinking how much better it would
be for FPC to start leading the way in the socket world, instead of it has
the tools and no one really knows about it, or how to use them.

If you have ideas Michael on how you and I can help on this area, I am
interested! Modern Pascal is built 100% using FPC 3.0.4 now (was 2.6.4
forever). The script engine to compete with PHP is a native Apache_Mod (2.2
and 2.4 supported), CodeRunner is my equivalent to node.js (unlimited
sockets, running scripts onConnect), grammar wise I implemented CHAIN (from
Turbo Pascal 3.0) so a script can be lean and my JIT can process thousands
of lines in less than 10ms. Then the standalone (CLI) is what I use to do
all development, so I do not have to wait on recompiles - just
code,run,fix,run,done. ;-) I am 1 compile bug away from porting Turbo
Pascal 7.0.1 to FPC - 4 lines of assembly won't port, then I can compile
16bit DOS apps on my Mac or Linux Laptop (I still do a lot in the old BBS
world and hate having to RDP to my Win32 stacks to code).

Let me know...
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