[fpc-devel] SSL socket support rework & HTTPS support in FPC HTTP Server.

Ozz Nixon ozznixon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 19:09:53 CET 2019

I am glad to hear this... last night, I actually came across my last
release of DXSock Server Development Suite source. Is it possible for me to
donate my source to the FPC and Lazarus project with two stipulations?
1. Naming of the Code stays the same (c) and author... and the source
cannot be used with the Delphi compiler.
2. Any commercial products built with it requires a license of the source
for $99 a year.
DXSock 5.0 SDS consisted of 406 components... includes:
52 Different Server Cores (TCP Protocols implemented as
drop-in event-driven listeners)
21 Different Cached Logging Formats
CGI, ISAPI, WinCGI support (I never got into NSAPI or FastCGI)
DXDataset* - High speed (complete Memory Dataset, with the ability to use
sockets to receive  structure and data in the background!)
DXJavaScript (complete source) I paid $5,000 to have the original version
DXSock Client or Core Server Socket Component - DOES NOT use a thread to
push/pull the socket like INDY/Winshoes/etc. so it is *MUCH* faster!
A lot of components to Buffer performance of Winshock Web Server (which
outperforms Apache and IIS, even after they went KERNEL based!)
Supports SSI, SLEAY, OpenSSL, (I think the hooks are still in it for
StrSecII), 3 different Threading Models, ISAPI Extension, ISAPI Filter,
EMSI, ANSI, CRT, DLL Manager, FAT Caching, etc.

If the FPC team is interested, then I will dedicate all time needed to help
you guys support all of the platforms FPC supports. (DXSock6 already does -
but DXSock6 is licensed exclusively to my Modern Pascal script engine).

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