[fpc-devel] fpc calls crosscompiler from older version

Bart bartjunk64 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 18:22:05 CET 2019


All of this is of course of my own doing but is it expected?

I built and installed fpc trunk, just the 32-bit version.
I have 3.0.4 32-bit, and for that release I also have the win32-win64
cross-compiler installed.

Having forgotten that I did not build the win32-win64 cross-compiler
from trunk, I issued a
fpc -TWin64 -Px86_64 test.pas.
My path looks like C:\pp\bin\i386-win32;%oldpath%
(Trunk resides in C:\pp\bin\i386-win32)
And, as you can guess, the path to the 3.0.4 binaries is on %oldpath%
And, lo and behold, fpc trunk executed the cross-compier from 3.0.4.

I can understand why.
But, is this desired behaviour?
A message that no cross-compiler for the current version of the
compiler was installed would make a little more sense to me.


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