[fpc-devel] Good timing metric test program?

George Bakhtadze armorcavalry at yandex.com
Tue Feb 26 13:46:27 CET 2019


First of all, thanks for working on compiler optimizations. I think it's very important.

As of benchmark - there is a simple 3D ray tracer benchmark written on several languages including Pascal.
AFAIR Pascal version almost as fast as Java one and slightly faster than Javascript.
There is forum topic about it with source code:
There are also some optimizations made by hand e.g. loop unrolling etc. It may help to analyze optimizer results.

Best Regards, George

25.02.2019, 17:54, "J. Gareth Moreton" <gareth at moreton-family.com>:
> Given my recent work with the peephole optimizer, one thing that sprung to mind is that I don't have a project that tests for performance gains in a 'real world' program, where little optimisations add up over time.  Given that my x86-64 optimizer overhaul is rather substantial and makes a lot of improvements when it comes to conditional jumps and code efficiency, is there a benchmark that could be used to show the performance improvement compared to the trunk?  There are small ones that test individual components, but nothing substantially large that I'm aware of.

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