[fpc-devel] Good timing metric test program?

J. Gareth Moreton gareth at moreton-family.com
Mon Feb 25 18:12:58 CET 2019

 The compiler isn't a valid case because the input source is different
(because of the very changes made to said compiler).  It needs to be a
project that doesn't share anything with the compiler (except the run-time
libraries), so the source code is exactly the same so that when it is
built, it runs the same no matter which version of the compiler it was
built with.
 I'm viewing it as a bit of a scientific experiment, where only a single
variable is changed, namely the compiler used.  The compiled program
should produce exactly the same output and otherwise behave the same way,
so that any time metrics reflect only how long it takes to complete and
hence is reflective only of the quality of the machine code, not what the
program is doing... if that makes any sense.

 Gareth aka. Kit

 On Mon 25/02/19 18:08 , Marco van de Voort fpc at pascalprogramming.org sent:

 Op 2019-02-25 om 14:52 schreef J. Gareth Moreton: 
 > Given my recent work with the peephole optimizer, one thing that 
 > sprung to mind is that I don't have a project that tests for 
 > performance gains in a 'real world' program, where little 
 > optimisations add up over time.  Given that my x86-64 optimizer 
 > overhaul is rather substantial and makes a lot of improvements when it 
 > comes to conditional jumps and code efficiency, is there a benchmark 
 > that could be used to show the performance improvement compared to the 
 > trunk?  There are small ones that test individual components, but 
 > nothing substantially large that I'm aware of. 

 Build the compiler? 

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