[fpc-devel] "Blank slate" next version of FPC

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Wed Feb 20 18:58:33 CET 2019

Well, I asked for discussion, and it was given. Thank you all for your input.

To be clear, although I *literally* wrote the words "non backwards compatible", I did not mean it. I should have said that there should be a new compiler mode to access new features. In Rust, there is the concept of "safe" vs "unsafe" code. "Safe" code is guaranteed to be memory and type safe. For a new Pascal mode, code marked "Unsafe" would merely be code written to compile under any of the currently supported modes.

Someone pointed out that a main goal of Pascal was to keep one from shooting oneself in the foot. It is this spirit that I think should be extended (if possible) to adopt at least the memory safe aspect of Rust. There are other programming constructs unrelated to safety which I think merit examination, also.

I might have time later in the year to work on fleshing out the syntax of a new FPC mode. Perhaps someone who is intimately familiar with the compiler internals can mentor me and guide me to understand where I am wrong, and what lines of thought would be productive. I would be willing to pay for the help.

Regardless, thank you for the discussion.
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