[fpc-devel] re "Blank slate" next version of FPC

Marco van de Voort core at pascalprogramming.org
Wed Feb 20 09:56:15 CET 2019

Op 2/17/2019 om 5:58 PM schreef Fred van Stappen:
> Am 17.02.19 um 04:48 schrieb Marco van de Voort
> > Martin was a loner kind of guy, he did the most of the MSEGUI etc 
> > projects alone too.
> Did you know him personally?

I meant the loner label as relating to programming only. It is not 
necessarily a negative thing, more stating a close-to-a-fact, that he 
was not really a collaborative/team programmer

And no, I didn't know him personally.

> Martin was a generous guy, always ready to help people.

I was referring more to the fact that he worked alone on most of his 
code. He was not a teamplayer. One does not exclude the other.

I wrote to the notice of him passing away that he did work hard on the 
2.2.0 objpas/classes rewrite (the component streaming)

> And when he gave help/code, it was always perfect code, without any bug or memory-leak (not like you Guru-Marco).

Cheap and baseless dig.

> Also, he was open to discussion, I did work on some projects with him.

There was communication too in the time he worked on component streaming 
in FPC. But that is something else from working in a team as more or 
less equals, without him specifying all the rules down to how symbols 
should be mangled (-ty). I never saw that, but maybe you can prove me wrong.

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