[fpc-devel] Readonly Memory Stream?

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Wed Feb 13 10:40:10 CET 2019


sometimes I have to work with static fixed buffer in memory (for example
returned from external API), which I would like to behave like stream.

Then I define:

type TStaticMemoryStream = class(TCustomMemoryStream) end;

and in code I use for example:

    MS := TStaticMemoryStream.Create;
    MS.SetPointer(buffer, bufferLen);
    MS.Position := 0;

I know that it is only very few lines of code, but would it we worth to
extend capability of TMemoryStream in RTL to support for example
constructor like:

  TMemoryStream.Create(buffer, bufferLen);

which will instantiate memory stream on fixed memory block without
possibility to Write?

Or introduce new TCustomMemoryStream descendant in RTL like my
TStaticMemoryStream() ?

Only question...



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