[fpc-devel] Detecting SSE and AVX compiler options

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 4 11:22:00 CET 2019

Am So., 3. Feb. 2019, 18:29 hat J. Gareth Moreton <gareth at moreton-family.com>

> To reassure, I'm aware that "float" is normally "extended" outside of
> x86_64, and I would keep my changes constrained to that platform.

This statement is not correct: the default floating point type for nearly
all of FPC's platforms is Double except for the x86 targets (and maybe also
m68k) where the type is Extended. And on x86_64 there is one oddball with
Win64 for which the default floating point type is Double as well.


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